Is a iPod Touch a Good Netbook?

Yesterday Apple had there event and gave us a new iTunes, iPod nano’s, and a 64 GB iPod Touch. When they talked about the touch they showed a photo of someone trying to but a dell mini in there back pocket and and then said you can’t put your computer in your pocket. That made me think is the iPod Touch a netbook? I came to the conclusion that no its not… its better. Let me tell you why.

Mom for her birthday got a Dell Mini and well guess who had to set up for her and install all the updates and lock it down. As I did these thing’s I notice some things were going off the screen and there was nothing that could be done screen was set for 1024 X 768 and if I went to 800 X 600 there was even less room to do things. But the iPod Touch has a much smaller screen but nothing ever goes off screen when I’m looking at photo or writing a note. Why is this? Well it is because iPod Touch is running the iPhone OS or Mobile OS X what over you want to call it. This means that the operating system was made with such a small screen in mind when they made the OS. Most netbooks like the Dell Mini runs Windows XP witch never was intended for a 10.1 in screen so things just go off screen.

Now a netbook is a low performance laptop so your not going to be playing World of Warcraft on it or Halo. What they are met for is doing things online witch ware netbooks fail again. Lets say you want to go to Facebook you have to open up your browser and type in and it takes you to the Facebook web site and it looks just horrible netbooks. Everything is vary scrunched together and content is over lapping on other content it just looks bad. Now if you want to go to Facebook on your iPod Touch there are two ways to do that you can type in i Safari on the touch and it will take you the mobile page for Facebook witch looks allot cleaner then it looks on a netbook. The other way you can get to it is go to the app store on the touch and download the free Facebook app witch makes Facebook look even better and easier to get to on the touch and you can do everything you could do on the normal page.

Another thing that makes the iPod Touch a better netbook is the fact that it fits in your pocket. Now I do know of some people that have pockets big enough that they can put something like a dell mini in there pocket for most of us with normal pockets something like the dell min in your pocket is just not going to work. The iPod Touch just fits in your pocket and if I need to take notes or I need to add something to my calendar I just take it out of my pocket and do what I have to do save it and put it away. A netbook would take forever to start and take wile to load what you need to do. Not to mention the iPod touch can have your movies, music, podcast, and so much more on it and it works quickly. a netbook not as easily.

Netbooks should be renamed or something because they fail at there purpose of having a computer that you do things online with. Wile the iPod Touch it dose just that you got got somthing to do you do it and it is quick and easy and pain less. Wile with a netbook there’s allot of pain to them. Now some of you might be thinking well wait you need a computer to use a iPod Touch something to sync it with and that is true but a netbook is a person’s second computer and shouldn’t be the only computer someone owns.

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