Aww Look How Cute 7 Is

A few days ago I saw the first Windows 7 ad. But I had to take a double  take and watch it again. Its this little girl going threw her dads computer and seeing all the reviews for windows 7. I should also ad the computer is running windows 7. Then she puts them in a slide show and it shows blurbs form places like CNET and the New York Times about how good windows 7 is. Now the reason I had to take a double take is this ad is just like I’m A PC ads. I just feel like they could have done the first ad some how different its cute ad and will get people attention. But I feel it could be done different buy pointing out some thing people might find use full. They could pointed out things like start menu search (not new in 7 but I think that would get people to move from XP). The ad should do the job. If you have not seen the ad here it is enjoy.( I cant put it here cause I’m having a bad tech day).



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