Installing windows 7 (clean)

A day or two ago I post my thoughts on my upgrading to windows 7 with a clean install. Well I thought today I would go threw and walk you threw it the best I can. Its easy to do and quick… well quicker then other OS installs that I have done. So lets start.

Put the Windows 7 install DVD in and restart your computer. Your computer should restart and will come up with a message and say press any key to boot form CD or DVD… just hit a key and the DVD will load and you should get a page like this:

Hit next then install

Agree to the ULA..

This is about a clean install so click on custom install


Click on advance then select the drive with your OS installed on it and click the format button

Once your drive is done being formatted hit next and let windows install this should take about 30 mins. The computer will restart a few times and follow the setup process.

Well that’s about it. I hope this helps thoughts of you that want to go to windows 7. I didn’t go over a in place upgrade because its not really the best way to go if you need to do one just hit upgrade instead of custom install. Just note it will take a lot longer to upgrade in place. If there is any questions you can E-mail me at or leave a comment.



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