Google Voice

Phones everyone at this point has at least 2. The normal is one cell phone and one house phone or land line what ever you want to call it. There use to be a thing called Grand Central and it was a service that you could pay for and they gave you one number that you could use for all your phones. Well Google bought them some time ago and made it better, it is now called Google Voice. Now you may have herd about it before the hole Apple not letting Google but a Google Voice app on the iPhone. But if you have not it is a grate service.

To start Google Voice gives you a local number that you can hook up to the phones you have like your cell phone and your house phone. When someone calls the Google Voice number all the phones that are hooked up to that Google Voice number will ring. Witch can be problem manic but for this sake we will say it is a good thing. Also when the person calls they have to say there name and when you pick up it will say who it is and will ask if you want to talk to them or send them to voice mail. Witch Leads me in to Voice mail with Google Voice. The voice mail works kind of like the visuals voice mail on some smart phones you have a inbox with the voice mails you can listen to. Well Google will also make put them into text so you can read your voice mails like an e-mail. Now the speech to text is not grate so I would say listen to them still but I’m sure the speech to text will get better. Now what would a phone number be without texting, well Google Voice has got you covered with free texting… kind of its free if you don’t have your Google Voice number hooked up to a cell phone because if you do Google voice forwards the text messages to your cell phone and then you have to pay what ever you normally pay for texting. There are many good uses for Google voice for me it is my public number the one I give on applications the one I give out to people because if some one calls that I don’t want calling me Google Voice lets you block callers.

Now this is all nice and is so grate if you have it, witch is the problem right now. Google Voice is still in Beta if you want to use Google Voice you can get invited one of two ways. One way is if you know someone that has Google Voice they may have an invite that they can send you. If you don’t the other way is to go to the Google Voice page and sign up to get one. My final thought is that Google Voice is grate way to mange all your voice mails and text messages. Also its just nice knowing if something happens to your phone you don’t have to tell everyone your new number cause the Google Voice number never changes.



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