Back Up People

I hear this allot “I  just don’t have time to back up my stuff’. Then one day they get a viruses or they go 4 years without reinstalling windows. Then I have to tell them I have to reinstall windows and they have never done that before and it just makes me crazy. Why would people not back up there info on there computer. I mean there is just so much on most peoples computers these days if you can put that stuff some place for safe keeping then why wouldn’t you? Now if your thinking its hard it is not.

The eases way you could back-up your info is using the back-up and restore in Windows. Now this really apply to Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. But the back up and restore tool is the most eases way to back up your info locally. You just need ether a second hard drive in your PC or a external drive. I would recommend putting a second drive it will back up much faster then a external USB drive. If you use a laptop or don’t feel comfortable with installing a new hard drive in your computer an external one works too. Setting up back up is easy go to start type in back up and back up and restore should show up. Hit enter, and it will start up and click back up now. It will walk you threw a Wizard to know what day and time to back up and how often to back up. Now I have gone and looked at Prices for internal and external drives so you know what your looking for as far as price.

        External HHD

Wal-Mart Best Buy Staples New Egg
Western Digital My Passport Western Digital My Book Essenital Seagate Free agent Toshiba
320 GB 640 GB 500 GB 320 GB
$79 $71.99 $99.99 $69.99
More info More info More info More info


        Internal HDD

Wal-Mart Best Buy Staples New Egg
Western Digital Seagate Western Digital Western Digital (Bare Drive)
1 TB 500 GB 500 GB 720 GB
$104.82 $69.99 $79.99 $59.99
More info More info More info more info


Now there are other ways that you can back up your info that is easy. You can use services like Carbonite that will install a little thing that will run in your tray and when your not doing anything it backs it up to the Carbonite servers. Also for Mac user’s there is time machine that backs up everything for you (just have a really big drive).

Now there are other ways to back up online that are free but there not as easy as the ways I have talked about. There is one more thing I would like to share a saying that Alex Lindsay “If it is not in two places it dose not exist.” witch means if you save a word document and is not saved someplace other then that drive there is a good chance you will lose it if it is on another drive or on server you have lowered your chances of losing that document. I will leave you with a plead, people please back up your data if not for you but for your future self.


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