Setting Up A Home Network Part 1: Router Setup

Now a days most people have more than one computer for one reason or another. Now wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way you could save something and be able to get to it from your other computer in your house or when you are out and about? Well this 3 part series will help you set up a nice home network. I will talk about setting up your router, turning a old vista PC (or XP) into a home server also some security tips.

Now lets start with the router because is key to the network without that your computers could not talk to each other. Now most routers have a CD that will walk you through the setup of the router but yours did not then go to your web browser and type in (it could also be a 10.10 check your routers manual) and that should take you to a page like this:

click login and hit submit unless you have a password then put in your password. Now once you are logged in go to your wireless settings and channel and SSID now you should change the SSID form the default to something other than Linkysis or belkin . Now go to security and switch it too WEP2 and make a good password if you can’t think of something good you can download keypass and generate one or you can use Steve Gibson’s Prefect Passwords.

Now go to your computers and make sure it connects and that you can get online. Now this was part one I hope this was helpful if you have any questions leave a comment or e-mail me from the widget on the side of the page or you can e-mail me at


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