Is Chrome OS The Windows Killer?

Google came out  and showed what they have of Chrome OS so far. It boots in 7 sec’s, its secure, and from the moment you hit the power button you are online. I have herd people that think that Chrome OS could be a Windows killer. The video that Google made to explain it is below.


Chrome OS will most likely kill of XP as a netbook OS choice, but by no means dose this mean that Chrome OS will kill off windows. I’m sure if you have read my blog before you know my thoughts on the cloud, but to just sum it up quickly. Some day when we figure out a way to have internet every ware or when mobile carriers let us tether our phones to our computers the cloud will be ready. Despite that I do think that there will always be a want for local application and local storage of what you are working on. I think the big question is what happens when you are not online and you need to use your netbook? well we don’t know yet.

The Chrome OS I think will be grate for netbooks witch are grate for a second computer in the first place. The Chrome OS will do what netbook’s do well witch is browse the web (checking e-mail, social networking, web app’s). Witch is what this OS is made for. Google has done something though that neither Microsoft or Apple has not done and that is take another look at operating systems and thought with what we know now how do we create a modern OS.  Now I do know that Chrome OS is based off of the Linux kernel. But they have improved unlike anyone else has.

So as a quick review is Chrome OS going to be a Windows killer? No I don’t think it will. Now also I should note that Chrome OS looks just like you would think it looks likes just like the Chrome web browsers. Hopefully soon Google will have a beta to download. The Chrome OS is hopefully coming out late next year so we will know all our questions by then… I hope.


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