Google VS Microsoft

Last week I was listening to Windows Weekly and I thought that they brought up a good point about Google and Microsoft. That was Microsoft really has never had a computer like Google. If you go back and look when Netscape wanted to be the new Microsoft, Microsoft crushed them with IE 3. Why is that? Well Netscape just didn’t have the money to compete with them. Google on the other hand dose have the money. I really think this is what Microsftys have nightmares about at night. A company that has just as much money as them and as ambitious as they once were.

Now lets look at Google there hitting Microsoft ware it hurts with Chrome OS. They might as well cannon out side of Microsoft getting ready to fire it. There also trying to get them with Google Doc’s as well. Though Microsoft isn’t just sitting back. They are firing back when Office 2010 comes out with there online version witch anyone with a Skydrive account can use it.

Is this the end of Microsoft, well no not anytime soon. Microsoft will be around for awhile because unlike IBM, Microsoft is not going down with out a fight. But Google on the other hand is not going to make it easy for Microsoft there going to keep going after Microsoft. Thought what will it be like when Microsoft is gone… There will still will be Apple they will but I really think Google will take them off guard. Apple will never see Google coming.

So who will win this fight most likely Google but it wont be an easy victory. Though Microsoft could some how some way cause an upset, but this is vary vary unlikely to happen. Microsoft will most likely never go away but they may finally give up and just live knowing there not number one anymore.

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One response to “Google VS Microsoft”

  1. Cookenstein says :

    I think Apple and Microsoft have a great deal to worry about where Google is concerned.

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