You Get What You Pay For?

PC’s that run Microsoft windows are the majority of what the world uses. For the most part most home users and most businesses use PC’s running Microsoft Windows. Though some places and some people use Mac’s. Why is this? Is it style choice? Are Mac’s easier to use?

Why would someone want to buy a Mac over a PC? Lets look :

  Dell Studio Desk Top PC iMac 21.5 Notes
CPU Intel®  Pentium®  Dual CoreTM  Intel®  Core™2 Duo Intel®  Core™2 Quad 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Dell has more choice

Genuine Windows®  7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Genuine Windows®  7 Professional 64-Bit

Genuine Windows®  7 Ultimate 64-Bit

OS 10.6  
RAM Up to 8 GB’s Comes with 4 GB’s Mac can go up to 16 GB’s of RAM
HDD Up to 1.28 TB 500 GB  
Optical Drive

Blu-ray DiscTM  and DVD +/- RW options available

8x double-layer SuperDrive  
Price Starts at $399.99 Starts at $1,199.00  

Ok now that you have looked at the chart. Why would someone get a Mac? You could get a more then good PC for $400. The Mac is over $1,000. The Dell you have choices the Mac, not so many choices. There are though something’s that are not in this chart and things that Dell or any other PC OEM is not going to bring up, like there support service. Now I used a Dell in the chart because dell has been known to have good customer support for Windows computers, even though in last few years there service has kind of dropped.

Lets look at what will happen if your PC brakes and you cant fix it. The first thing you would do is call Dell and then you wait for a little bit on hold, then finally you get someone. Now you have to tell them the best you can what is wrong with your computer, this can take awhile especially if you really don’t know what is wrong. Now once you have come to some kind of conclusion you can find out how much it is going to cost you to fix. Then they will send you a box that you have to wait for in the mail put your computer in the box send it to Dell and wait a few weeks for it to be fix and finally you get it back, hopefully it works or else you have to do the process all over again.

Now the Mac if something goes wrong with that you can call Apple witch will take you down a very similar rout like the Dell did or if you live near an Apple Store you can take your computer in there. Taking it to the Apple Store is probably the easier one cause if it is just a little problem they can just fix it right then and there. Then you just go home and everything is fixed. Now that sounds allot simpler. That is the reason you get a Mac.

Now lets look at software. With the Dell it came with Windows 7. Witch means all the Applications and games you would want to run are all there. The pool of what wont work with Windows is small there then the Mac. Though Mac has something’s that Windows dose not like iMove, iDVD, and iPhoto. Three grate programs for putting together a Home movie or for ogranizing your family photos. Now Microsoft has there own version of what Apple calls iLife (iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, and Garage Band band) and that is Windows Live Essentials witch is a suit of programs that you can get witch include Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows, Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live sync, and Windows Live Mail, and Safety. Apples iLife comes with Mac’s wile Windows Live Essentials you have to download after you get everything setup.

Though really what you are paying for is the the customer service Apple gives and you are paying for the look of the iMac Just look at it and think to your self what would I rather have in my living room?



Now I don’t know about you but I rather have the Mac in my living room. It just seems like it would look better. But it is a matter of opinion. Just to note that is not the Dell from the chart above you can see what that Dell looks like here.

If you can support your self and I don’t really thing you will ever have to call for help then by the PC, but if you find your self calling the neighborhood geek allot then you may want to by the Mac with computers you really get what you pay for.



2 responses to “You Get What You Pay For?”

  1. Cookenstein says :

    It is sad to say this, but if you feel you have to post such a naive comparison, you clearly do not know what it is to own a system that is super stable, grows with you, and simply has so many fewer worries than a Windows machine. I used PC’s since the 80’s and my switch to the Mac in 2005 was one that still makes me ask, why did I wait sooo long? The problems and after sale costs in time spent and non productivity ($$) time spent maintaining a windows machine is simply beyond nonsensical. Yes, in many cases (not all) a Mac costs you more up front, what you get in design, build, stability and quality far and away exceed many high end PC’s I have ever owned.I am not in any way saying Windows machines are the worst or are unusable. They are and can be great machines, and have their place in industry. They are the Clear far and away market share winner and always will be. I simply disagree with your thoughts in many industries,,,Ford sells millions more cars and are much cheaper than Mercedes. Take care, great post.

  2. Cookenstein says :

    A follow up to my first post and just to say that I foolishly did not complete your article when reading. I did not look below the pictures. Your article fairly tells it pretty well. I would ask you to look deeper into Macs standard offerings on all of it’s Mac’s. Outside of Ilife there is much more than you might know. You clearly understand that looks do matter. PC’s are not just for the office anymore. they are becoming part of our homes. And perception matters. You nailed the last part of this very well.Again, sorry to ramble, excellent post.

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