My Geek Wish List

With the holidays coming up I thought I would share my wish list and I must emphasize on the wish part. But maybe you can use this to find something for the geek in your life.

iPhone 3GS

How could can anyone have a wish list with out a iPhone on it? Now I have an iPod touch and if I had the money to pay the bill for an iPhone I would get one with all its a apps, and speed there is really no other smart phone that can beat it a cross the board. Now the only down side to the iPhone is AT&T but the phone it self is just so grate that it makes up for AT&T.


Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 I think is thee gaming console for gamers. It has all the games you can get to twitter, facebook, and Last FM on it as well. Plus netflix and others. So even if you don’t play games it makes for a grate windows media extender witch is what I use mine for.



The Roku player has always been grate for a netflix box. But as of late it has gotten update so you can watch video pod cast from revision 3, TWIT, and others. If you or someone you know is into podcasts like I ‘am this is perfect for them it makes watching podcast just as easy as watching normal TV.



A Macbook I think would be grate if you are a geek in general or if you have a artistic geek in your life. There good looking, OS X is a grate OS, and easy to use. With all the stuff like iPhoto and iMovie that come with its a grate buy.


Dell Studio

Now maybe you or your geek is not a Mac fan the Dell Studio series is a grate line of PC laptops. vary good, built well, and in my experience dell is just as good as other OEMs with customer support, not the best but good. Also since it is dell you can customize it any way you want it.


Western Digital My Book

If you need storage right now is the time to get external HDD’s you can get a 1 TB external drive for under a $100. This is grate for backups and having a back when you need it is just priceless.


Tmobile My Touch

Now since I started this list with a phone I thought I would end it with one as well. If you are like me and don’t have the money for an iPhone bill the Tmobile has more affordable plans or if you just don’t want a iPhone and cant afford a Verizon bill for a droid the My Touch is a good 3rd place and you still have access to the android apps as well.

I hope this list gives you some good Ideas what to get or what ask for your holiday of choice. Happy (your celebrated holiday here) and happy New Year. Also just wanted to add Im thinking about doing video soon so be on the look out for that.


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