What is Going to be the IPhone Killer?

Google has come out and admitted that there is a Google phone. For now the only people that have it right now are Google employees. Almost immediately people  were asking “is it an iPhone killer?” Well my question is why dose every smart phone that comes out have to be an iPhone killer? The iPhone is grate so why do we have to kill it, why do we can’t we just let it be? Well many compare other smart phones to the iPhone because that is the top of the line for most people. There are thoughts people that may not want apps they just want there e-mail, the internet, and a  phone (yes there are some people out there that still want a phone to talk on).

I be leave that no smart phone will ever beat the iPhone until we stop comparing other smart phones to  it.  The Droid seems to be a grate number two compared to the iPhone but what if we just compared it to just the other Android based phones. It just made be the best smart phone. Though I can see this going same  way it has been with computers for along time. I do believe there will be a time ware geeks have fights over Android VS iPhone OS just as passionately as we do now with Mac VS PC now.  If it has not started already.

I hope that iPhone killer is just a buzz word that will die soon. Android seems to have so much to offer. With all the choice there will be soon a Android  phone for everyone. Unlike the iPhone ware there is just last years iPhone or the iPhone 3 GS. Now with choice comes confusion. With so much choice with Android phones there might come a time ware people don’t know what one to get and that could hurt Android. Though there are a million different PC’s that run windows out there and that dose not seem to hurt Microsoft much.

Hopefully soon iPhone killer will be killed. Then when some asks what kind of smart phone should I get you can ask them what do you want to do on the phone other then talk. Just like now should be the question you ask when they want a new computer.


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