The Google Years

On Sunday Leo Laporte asked people what they thought was the most important story of the decade. This got me thinking what it would be, there people on the show that said the iPhone, youtube, and some that said withering of Microsoft. I  thought that the most important story of the decade was Google’s suite of cloud applications like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, and Google Calendar.

These cloud applications have given people the choice of deciding between paying hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office or just going with Google. Now there has always been other choices to Microsoft Office like Open Office, Star Office, or even iWork. The problem with things like Open Office or Star Office is that they don’t have much ad power behind them so no one really knows that they are out there. iWork has the problem that it is only available on OS X. Google Doc’s is online and although it isn’t the best Office suite it is good enough for most people to type out an easy for school or do a small spreadsheet. Also its Google pretty much everyone has used Google at this point and has probably seen the Google docs link at the top of the page or the Gmail link.

Hopefully in 2010 these cloud applications get better because there is still allot of room for improvement. For now they are good enough to ware I can say I really don’t need Microsoft Office anymore. I could go fully Google for what I use Microsoft Office for in my daily life. Now this is just what I think, I would like to hear what you think as well leave me comment or send an E-mail. Also the video of TWIT that got me thinking is at the bottem of the page here. Happy new years eve everyone.



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