Will 2010 Start With A tech Bang?

Tomorrow Google will be announcing something and we think that is the Google Nexus phone. Now we don’t know that but hope fully that is what they are going to be talking about. Later this month we think apple will be having announcement about the rumor iSlate. Also CES is this week and who knows something there could blow both these announcements out of the water.

For now let’s look at what we know will be announced and make some guesses. First up the Google Nexus phone. We know it was design by Google and made by HTC. This phone is rumored to be available by invite only. How does this make since you might ask. Well if they just said they were going to sell this phone or knowing Google make it supper cheap they now don’t truly under mind there partners that sell Android phones because not everyone can get one. Which makes me think if you are getting an invite for this phone does it mean that maybe you get the phone free? Well obviously the first people to get them were Google employees, then press will be next, but after that who will be next? Also the better question will be how do you get an invite? Will it be like Wave or Google Voice ware you just leave a e-mail address and just hope they pick your name? Hopefully we will know that tomorrow as well.

The other thing happening this month is Apple will be announcing something as well. Most think that what they will be announcing is the iSlate. I think it will be a safe bet to say that the iSlate will be priced at $500 or more. Now most say that people won’t buy a tablet unless it is $300 or less but I think if anyone can sell them it will be apple. Another rumor is that the iSlate will work with existing iPod Touch application. I feel this won’t be true, the iSlate will have its own app’s they might make it through easy to move iPhone and iPod Touch applications over to the iSlate if it even dose applications.

Well will know tomorrow what the deal is with the new Google phone and how we may be able to get it. Apples announcement won’t come until the 26th. CES is also this week so there will be plenty of announcements coming from there and I will try to report on them or at the very least link you to the story’s on twitter.


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