Office 2010 Prices

The Office 2010 price have been revealed and they seem quite reasonable. They also talked about  that there will be a family pack for Office 2010, and just like the Windows 7 family pack it will let you install on up to three computers. Now the pricing is not that revolutionary but I think its better then in the past.

The pricing looks like this:

Home and Student

Office Home Business

Office Professional

Office Professional Academic

Physical Media

Physical Media
Physical Media
Physical Media
Product Key Card
Product Key Card
Product Key Card
Product Key Card
Now in this chart you might see something that looks a little odd. One there is no up grade price, and two there is a Physical media and Product Key Card. What is the difference? Microsoft has worked with some of there partners to have Office 2010 preinstalled on computers. Say you want to use Office you can go to Stables or Walmart and buy this Product Key Card and activate Office 2010 that came with your computer. The Physical Media is what you might think it is the full retail packaging for Office with the install DVD.
Now what do you get with each one of these versions of Office. Office Home and Student gives you Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Office Home Professional gives you tough’s plus Outlook. and Professional gives you Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

Office Professional Academic is Professional but it is specially priced for teachers.

Don’t also forget that there will be a free online version of office 2010 threw Windows live. Which will give you a striped down version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This is no doubt a shot at Google Doc’s. Though I think its to little too late for Microsoft to do a online version of Office but at least it will be there if people (like me who don’t really like Google Doc’s) have some thing to use then.
For most people Office 2010 will not be revolutionary for them, unless they are switching over form Office 2003. The pricing might get people to upgrade to 2010. We are also still waiting to hear what the pricing will be for the family pack for Office 2010. I know for me that will be the one I will get. As soon as I hear something I will share it will all of you.

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