Setting Up Home Group

When I upgraded to Windows 7 I kind of just pushed home group a side. But recently I have found that home group might just be useful for me. If you have no idea what I’m talking a bout home group was something Microsoft put into Windows 7 to make sharing files between computers in your house a lot more simple. You may have even seen this ad:


Like I said I pushed it a side I didn’t think I would need it but there are times when I’m working on something and I need a file from my desktop but I’m in the living room on my laptop. Yes I could get up find a flash drive copy and past what I need on to it and walk back to the living room. File sharing is just a little bit easier and home group makes its easier.  With home group I just click the user name and go to the library that has what I want in it, and just copy and past over to my laptop. Here is how you get started:

Go to the windows logo orb (Start) and click control panel.

Now go to Home Group and select the files you want to share hit save then go back again and click view  or print home group password, so you can see what it is write it down print it so you have it when you go to the other computer or computers you want in your home group.

Ok now its time to join the home group that you made. This is simple just go to Windows Orb (start) again and go to Control Panel.


Then go to Networking and Sharing Center.

You should see your network what ever you called it and below it should be something that says home group and join underlined.

That should take you to the home group wizard witch then will ask you for the password that you got from you other computer just type that in and your good to go.

When you want to see what is on your other computers Libraries just go to the Windows Explorer icon on your tool bar and go to home groups there should be a list of users and there Libraries. 

I hope this useful to some people out there if there is something I missed leave a comment or E-mail.


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