First In Living Color Then In HD now In 3d

At CES there was a lot of 3D TV’s being shown off. I think we all pretty much knew that it was going to be a theme. I have a question. Why do we want 3D TV’s? We have had 3D movie’s for a wile and there pretty much all the same doing the same old tricks so that you know its in 3D!

The biggest argument that I have herd form other people like me that do not think that 3D TV is a good idea is, I don’t want to ware 3D glasses wile I watch TV. In my case I would have to ware my normal glasses plus the 3D glasses. Another thing I just do not want to do when I watch TV. Normally when I watch TV I lay down and watch it, witch means that 3D glasses would be off and the screen would just look odd.

Robert Scoble gave me the argument that this is for sports fans and basically people who just like to say “oh you don’t have the money for that well I do”.  Witch is fine, I see how sports fans would like to be able to watch foot ball and really feel like they are their at the game, and there will always be thoughs people that will be asshole’s and gloat that have something you don’t.

There were many other kool TV’s at CES like LG had one that you could make Skype calls from. I don’t know about all you but I would much rather have a TV that I can make calls from then a TV that throws balls at me. Maybe that’s just me. What I really think this whole push for 3D TV is that the TV studios are trying to give people a reason to watch things on TV then on the internet. I think that there scared of IPTV and this there way of saying “we have no more good Ideas for TV shows so lest  distract them form that with 3D”. But any who 3D TV’s are coming soon to a living room near you. Hopefully they wont suck.

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