What Dose The iPhone Need To Stay On Top?

The iPhone came out about 3 years ago and blew everything that we thought a smart phone could be. The iPhone is a vary popular smart not they most popular, oddly that still belongs to Blackberry. I think it is no secret the Apple will latter this year come out with a new iPhone. But what dose this phone need to blow Android out of the water. Android may not be in the running to kill the iPhone just yet but it is getting closer with each now release of the OS. These are something’s I think it needs to stay on top:

  1. More customization: The iPhone really is not all that customizable you can move your icons around and have a wallpaper for you lock screen but what about the background of the icons. Would it be nice if you could change the background of the home screen to photos that are stored on your iPhone, or even better have ability to make each home screen panel a different photo so you could easily identify a panal say you have a panel that is just games and that could be one photo. Then you have another that is all news apps and that’s a different photo so when you are looking for the right panel you can easily identify it.
  2. A file menu: Wouldn’t it be nice you could go to Flickr and download photos right to your phone or go to a site and download a video that is not on iTunes. Right now if you want to download something to your iPhone it has to come from the iTunes or Application store. There is no documents folder everything has to come from the iTunes that is directly downloaded to the phone. Sure there are things like the Drop Box app that let you access your drop box on your phone but if you don’t have a signal or WIFI you can’t get to your files.
  3. Cloud Music: Ok I have an idea. What if you could put your iTunes library up in the cloud. Then when you are out and about you could add music onto your iPhone that you already own by just downloading it from this iTunes cloud.
  4. Open the App Store: I think this is a big thing if Steve came out and said that you didn’t have to go threw the app store to get you apps on the iPhone and the process to get on the app store has been fixed. Android may not have the apps yet that the iPhone has but slowly they are getting the apps that people use like twitter apps, Evenote, and Pandora. If Apple doesn’t do something the developers will leave the iPhone and go to Android.

These are just some of what I think the next iPhone and OS need so that the iPhone can stay on top. If they only do little improvements again, Android phones my sneak up on them like Microsoft did to them on the desktop front.


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