Revsion3 Offers Conan O’Brien A New Home

I think at this point we all herd of, what im calling the grate NBC late night civil war. For thoughs that have not herd Lay Leno has a talk show at 10 PM and now NBC wants’ to move him back to his 11:30 slot, but who has that now wile no other then Mr.Conan O’Brien and Conan will not move. Frankly I think he shouldn’t have to move for Leno. Conan did his waiting and Leno named Conan his replacement when Jay Leno said he was going to retire.

You might be thinking “how dose this have to do with tech?” Well today Revsion3 posted an open letter to Conan O’ Brien. Offering him a show on there IPTV network. This may just be a PR stunt for Revsion3 but they say they are serous about it. I must say if for some reason Conan dose switch from NBC to do a show on Revsion3 that would be HUGE!!! That would make Revion3 a big player in the IPTV world they would have a big time stare working for them. Revion3  is willing to do what ever it takes. Here’s a quote form the letter:

“To sum up, Conan, you have the keys to the kingdom here at Revision3. You want to change our studio around?  Done.  Want to move any of our existing shows to 10pm Please do.  Want to give Andy his own show so he can finally truly control the universe?  Done.  You name the game, we’ll make it happen.”

That truly sums it up. Though I do feel that there might be one problem with Conan going to Revsion3 and that is money. Could Revion3 pay Conan what NBC or other big TV networks could pay him. Really that what it boils down to for stares. Though if any IPTV network can pull off getting Conan O’ Brien to do a show for them it will be Revsion3.

If your with team Conan and would like to see it happen go to Digg and digg the story its already on the top dugg stories lets get it to number one by the end of the day. Maybe someone that works for Conan or Conan him self will see it and keep it in mind.



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