The Invites are Out

Just a little wile ago I was reading Techcrunch and they reported that they have received invitations to a Apple event on the 27th. This can really only mean one thing… the iSlate. The much talked about iSlate or Apple tablet. I’m sue there there will also be an iPhone update too (not 4.0).  What dose this iSlate or apple need to be useful well I got a list.

  1. No Mobile OS X: There have been rumors that the iSlate will basically be a big iPod Touch with 3G. This means it will run the mobile OS X that the iPhone and iPod Touch uses. I hoe that is not true, I think that the iSlate should have its own flavor of OS X that makes sense for it. iPhone OS is just to stripped down for a tablet. Though Full OS X is to much for a tablet. There needs to be something in the middle.
  2. iPhone emulator: Like I said in number one the iSlate shouldn’t run iPhone OS, but what if if could emulate it so that you could run some iPhone apps on it ones that you just can’t live with out. If it did that it could also help iPhone developers too.
  3. NO PEN: The iSlate can not have any pen interface if it were to it would be dead in the water.Pure and simple. Pen interfaces are normally just not good at all.
  4. Cam & Mic: The iSlate should have some type of cam facing you or one that you can move form from to back. Also it needs to have a mic on it of the ability to be able to hock up a head set. Why dose it need this, well to make Skype calls of course.
  5. No iSlate: The iSlate should not be called the iSlate. In my opinion iSlate is a horrible name and I just hope that is not the really name of this tablet.

This is just a little list of what I think the iSlate needs these things in order to stand out from the other tablets that have come out and the ones that are coming out. If anything they should rethink the name if it is really going to be called the iSlate. I’d like to know what you think the iSlate needs leave a comment.


3 responses to “The Invites are Out”

  1. Jonah says :

    Hello again!So you and I have already discussed the thing about the name, and honestly, I’m quite ready for apple to surprise us with a different name.But I’m curious about this pen thing… I’m pretty sure Apple could pull off a dual touch/pen interface, and having a pen is one of the largest selling points of tablets, either for hand-written text-entry or for the familiar control an artist desires. Can’t you see it working with touch AND pen?

  2. Jonah says :

    Oh, p.s. I don’t know if it works for a hosted squarespace…. but I googled this article. Thought you might like it.

  3. Michael Blake says :

    Hello JonahAfter reading your comment I can see how maybe a pen/touch UI would work. In the post I was talking about only a pen UI, but I kind of failed to explain that . If it is booth pen and touch then ya it could work as long as there weren’t certain things that you need the pen for and things you had to touch. Basically as long as they don’t have the user switching back and forth then we were good. I think its safe to say Apple would not do that. Also I think ware the pen really would work is in retail stores or at kiosk at conventions. Also I see what you are hinting at with the Google search link and I will be looking into disqus for commenting.

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