Bing is Not Big Brother

Today Microsoft announced that they are going to delete IP addresses that correspond to search queries on Bing after six month instead of 18 months. This means unless you use Bing everyday they will have no record that you were ever using Bing (incase you were worried some one would find out).

So what is this, really? Well if I had to guess I would say this was just Microsoft’s way of saying “if you don’t like Google following you then use Bing”. This could mean that in the EU BIng might become more popular with people. I still don’t think they could beat Google, but its a good try. Europeans like there privacy a little bit more then we do. If Microsoft can get people to see Bing as more of a privet search engine then maybe they could be a powerful number two in the search world.

Though really I think Microsoft is trying to win a fight that Google already won long ago. Microsoft is kind of like the person that came way to late to the party and just wont go home. There is one good thing and that is that there is at least choice and good ones at that. Before Bing what would you use if you wanted to find something, Yahoo search?

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