Getting a New Computer: Part one What do want to do?

There are a lot of things to think of about when you are looking for a new computer like do you want a desktop, a laptop, a netbook, or a desktop replacement. Then ask Mac or Windows? This choice will Borden or shorten the list of what you can get. But the biggest question you should ask your self is “what do I want to do with this computer?” this questing will pretty much determine what you will get overall.

I’ll ask the question then what do you want to do with your new computer? The most common answers are work, school, and home. If you are looking for work you may want a laptop mostly because a laptop now a days is powerful enough to run things like Microsoft Office, to browse the web, or whatever you need for work. Plus since it is a laptop you can easily travel with it. Maybe you don’t travel much and want the power of a desktop computer well there plenty of good desktop computers as well. They are a lot easier to upgrade if need be. Also desktop computers a little bit more powerful than a laptop for work things.

A student is most likely going to want some type of a laptop whether it is a normal laptop or a desktop replacement, maybe a desktop but if you did that you might want a netbook as well. The laptop would probably be the best fit it is easier to move around for getting to class to class, or friends place to friends place. Nice if you have a roommate so if you want to watch a movie and he or she is studying you can watch movies in bed just plug in your head phones. The only problem with the laptop is that the battery at some point is going to die probably when you need it most if you don’t charge it every night. A desktop replacement is going to let you do all the laptop dose except that is going to be a lot more heavier than the normal laptop.

A desktop along with a netbook would be a good hook up. The desktop is going to be powerful and you could get a nice size screen and use it as a TV by going to places like Hulu or Then the netbook could be what you use to take your notes and do all your school works on. So the Desktop is for fun and the net book is for school.

Now comes the people who want it for home use (a family computer). Home uses are normally things like browsing the web, paying bills, school work, work things, and playing games. Most likely you are going to want a desktop. Why a desktop? Well a desktop computer is not mobile so there is less likely that little Johnny is going to drop it on the floor and lose all your data that way. Most new desktop computers are going to be power full enough to do gaming I mean it’s not going to look grate but you can play it. As far as work goes it should be fine for that depending on what it is you do for a living. School work it most likely should get though power points done. The desktop will have all the ports you need for plugging in your family camera to share photos with friends and family, and making little slide shows with thoughs photos.

Just keep in mind with the work computer it really dose depend on what is you do for a living as to whether or not a laptop or a desktop is right for you. Now I hope this answered the question of what do you want to do with the computer? Part 2 Mac or PC. If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me.


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