Getting a New Computer Part Two:Mac or PC

When getting a new computer there is one thing you should keep in mind do you want a Apples OS X or do you want Microsoft Windows 7. As I said in part one this will broaden or shorten the list of where you can get your computer and what you can or cannot do with it.

You might be wondering now “which one is better?” well I can’t really answer that, but I can give you an idea what might be right for you. Let’s start with Windows 7. Windows 7 came out back in October; it was Microsoft’s way of getting people off of XP and trying to forget Vista. Since it is Windows it is compatible with just about everything. If you are using this computer as a work computer you can run Office, Adobe Acrobat, and all the other work like apps. If you are using it as a home computer Windows is grate for gaming. There is also good child proofing type software that comes with it, so if you don’t want little Johnny using a certain application you can block it or even limit their time on the computer. Windows has grate suit of apps called Windows live Essentials. This includes decent Photo management software, a desktop mail client, A slide show software, and a lot of other things.


There also a tone of places where you can get Windows based computers and laptops if you can name a place where you can buy computer it will most likely have Microsoft Windows on it.

Let’s say Microsoft is a little too gray for you, you see life more colorful then Microsoft does well there is a choice for you too and that is Apple’s OS X. OS x has gotten the reputation of being the operating system for more artistic people. People that are in to art, photography, music, and whatever else you can think of that is artistic. OS X comes right out of the box with the iLife suit witch has things like iPhoto, iMovie, and garage band. There is tone more you can see it all over at apples web site. There good way to start but more of the pro tools for movie making like Final Cut Studio pro are only for OS X. Things like Photoshop work better on the OS X because it is optimized for it.

There is one thing that might be seen as a problem for some, and that is the only way you can get a computer running OS X is by buying the computer from Apple.

The choice of OS X or Windows 7 is not a matter of what is better; it is a matter of witch on is better for me. If you have not gotten it yet most of the process of getting a new computer is asking yourself what I need. I hope this is helpful tomorrow will be part three and the final part witch will be OEM’s. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.


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