Is Apple The Man?

Once upon a time there was this young little company called Apple. Apple wanted to change the way people saw computers. They changed it a little bit with the Apple one and Apple two, but they still wanted a little bit more change. Then the little Apple came out with the Mac. This computer changed the way people thought of computers.

After the Mac came out Apple was very popular at that time until Windows 3.1 came along. I have seen the original super bowl ad for the Mac a few times on Youtube. It makes me think about is Apple today become what they were supposed to be agents? If you have not seen the ad for whatever reason the video is below.


Now after watching that dose that make you think too? The people all wearing the same thing the guy on the screen (that looks a lot like Steve Jobs today) dose that almost look like the seen at an Apple announcement. Today the company is all about control. I think the app store on iTunes is a perfect example of Apples control. I like it when shows poke fun at Apple’s cult like control. I’ve seen a lot of shows poke fun at Apple but I think that The Simpsons got it right.


Alright enough being mean to Apple time to be nicer now (so maybe I can get a review unit of the iSlate when they come out please Steve please). The control is not always a bad thing. For the most part that control is what makes the Apple experience so much better than getting a computer say from Dell or HP. When you get a computer form them there is just so much choice that most people would just be over whelmed and have a hard time finding the computer right for them. Wile when you go to an Apple Store there is not that many choices. The only choices are how big the screen is, how much RAM you want, and the size of the HHD.

The little Apple has grown up now and sells a lot more than just Mac’s. They have also changed the way we look at a lot of thing, not just computers. Is Apple the company that they once did not want to be that they showed in the Super Bowl Ad for the Mac, maybe? Really that is up for you to decide. Sometimes I read news stories and say yes they are other times I see things and say no there not. Personally I’m on the fens on this.


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