Wait AOL is Still around?

AOL has been around now for along time. I remember when I was little wanting to switch form our local ISP to AOL, just so I could hear it say “you got mail” when I got e-mail. Ater awhile I finally got my way and we moved to AOL I think this was the days of AOL 5.0. The hole thing was a mess I couldn’t get on it when I wanted to, and when I did get on sites looked odd compared to IE or Netscape at the time.

I bring this up because today AOL has reinvented it self as a blog publisher. They have allot of good sites for almost anything you can think of. I think though most people still see the name AOL and think of its past. I be leave they should change there name to show what it is they do now. American Online just makes me think of there closed walled system and there crappy browser, I don’t think of blogs like Engaget or Wow insider.

Maybe it is just me that thinks they should change there name to something that shows what they do now. I know they are still an ISP but that dose not mean they could change there name. If you have any idea’s for a new name for AOL leave a comment cause I sure can’t think of a name I just think they need a new name.

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