What We Might See Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day for Apple. Apple will reveal the god tablet to the world and it will either be a success or a flop. Personally I’m leaning trod it being a success, but who knows. Now there are other things we may also might see tomorrow other then the tablet. If anything the tablet will be the last thing they show. You will hear Steve say ”oh one more thing” and he will show the tablet.

Before the Tablet I do think we will see the following:

  1. iLife 2010: This is one of the things that will be announced tomorrow at the announcement. I think iLife will have some way to do your own iTunes LP and do your own extras with Movies (bye bye iDVD). Pretty much what I’m saying iLife will get more modern and let people do things that they really want to do.
  2. iPhone OS Update (3.? or 4.0): There are allot of people saying there might be a iPhone OS upgrade as well tomorrow, many of these people say it is iPhone OS 4.0. I for one do think there will be a iPhone OS update tomorrow but it will not be 4.0 I think it will be 3.2 is what we will see I don’t think they will do 4.0 tomorrow that will most likely be saved for the summer.
  3. New iPhone?: I don’t think there is going to be a new iPhone tomorrow but there at lot of sites that keep saying that there is going to be a new iPhone. I think this is no more than wishful thinking. If there is a new iPhone it wont be different form the last one other then this one will work on Verizon.
  4. The iPhone Free from AT&T: If there are any iPhone announcement tomorrow, it will be the iPhone will be freed from AT&T.
  5. iTunes Update: iTunes might see a little update to add a book store if the tablet has a e-reader in it.

Theses are just predictions there is no facts in here. We just will have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens (and to see what the tablet looks like and works). If you have any ideas what we might see tomorrow leave a comment.


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