This year I vowed to be more secure by doing simple things that most of us probably don’t do but should. These little things are in the back of most of our minds, we know we should we just don’t do them. Thing like changing your passwords once a month or every two months, using strong passwords and not using password1234 for your password.

If you are like me your not going to remember long random passwords. You need something that will remember for you. Well I use two and I will tell you why latter. The two password management software I use are Keepass and Last Pass. These two work vary well for me to feel a little bit safer. Keepass has a nice simple UI, easy to use and makes it easier to organize your passwords so when you need them you can find them. Keepass also has a grate password generator, so if you cant think of a good password just hit generate and it will make one for you. Last Pass is a cloud service that I use to keep track of my passwords online so even if I’m some ware other then home and I need a password for a web site I can just go to the last pass site and get the password I need. Last Pass also has a Firefox extension as well.

So why do I use two? Well Keepass and Last Pass have both there positives and negatives. Keepass works well on the desktop and it is easy to setup and make new passwords on it but if I’m not home I cant get to my passwords. I know keepass can be installed on a flash drive (which I have it installed on right now) but if I lose that drive there all gone now. Also Keepass dose not sync with my other computers so I always have figure out what password is right and which on is old or in some cases not even there. Keepass is what I use for passwords that don’t change much like the password to local admin accounts on my computers or the network key to my WIFI. These things don’t normally change a lot. I use Last Pass to keep trace of things that change a lot like my bank password, Twitter,Facebook I think you get it. Last Pass is online so I don’t have to worrie about things not syncing up cause its all online it just works good with web sites. Last Pass just dose not work as well with things like Network passwords and local computer account passwords.

Before I finish I want to let you know things like Keepass and Last Pass all have one flaw you have to have a master password for them. This means you have to have one password that has  to guard all the good passwords and it should be something you remember. Just thought I would give you a heads up on that. Over all these two work grate for me and are easy to use and setup. So have fun being more secure.


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