Tips for Staying more Secure On Face Book

Attacks on Facebook are on the rise and I thought this would be a good time to share some basic tips on how not to get your facebook account hacked. These tips are pretty basic and you should be doing them but hey everyone forgets the basics every now and then so let me remind you.

  1. Use a good password: Your password is you first defense when protecting you Facebook account. You shouldn’t be using your pet names for your password for it. You should use something long and random. If you cant think of one there good places that generate good ones like Steve Gibson Perfect Passwords. Im sure your not going to remember it or even want to type it in when you log in to Facebook well that is solved with Last Pass I talked more about it in my post the other day.
  2. The Youtube is a lie: You might have herd of this happening to someone or it has happen to you. You get a message form one of your friends saying that they found a video on Youtube or they put one on Youtube with you on it doing something crazy. Then you click on the link to see the video and you see a page that looks just like Youtube but you get the you need to update your flash player error. So what do you do you click on the link to install the new flash. Well what you really just did was install malicious software that is key logging your every key stroke to get your Facebook password so they can then send that same message to someone else, then they can do the same thing. The tip here is if you get this and your 50% or more sure you didn’t do anything dumb or crazy to be put on youtube lately then it is probably a phishing scam.
  3. Facebook apps: The apps are a grate way for someone to get your Facebook password. These apps already know so much about you all the info on your page (even hidden info) plus they have the same access to your friends info as well. How they get your password would something like this, you take a quiz on Facebook to see what Pokemon you are or somthing and you finish the quiz. Now you hit summit and it says oh you you have to log back in to Facebook, so what do you do you log in but the login page was not really the Facebook login page and now they have your password. Now Facebook dose try to get rid of these rouge apps but they can’t get them all.
  4. Don’t Share: If you do anything for the love of god don’t share your password with your friends. They maybe your friends to day but you could piss them off and what would be grate way to get revenge but to spill your darkest deepest secrets as status updates on Facebook and change the password so you cant get in to get rid of it. I have seen this happen so many times before its just bad and so preventable.

I hope these tips keep you from getting your Facebook page hacked. There easy things to do and keep in mind when you using Facebook or any social networking site like it.  So have fun and be safe.

Just as note here is the address for Perfect passwords:

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