How many apps is enough

The iPhone has 100,000 plus apps on the app store. There apps for almost anything you can think of on the app store. The apps are what really make the iPhone grate and stand out of the pack. Blackbary and Windows mobile have been out for longer then the iPhone but they just dont have the apps that the iPhone has, and ware are they now? People are not happy with there Blackbarrys like they use to be and windows mobile is being discontiued for the new Windows Phone searys 7.
What about googles android? Android dose not have the apps eather but unlike Blackbarry and Windows Mobile Android dose have alot of apps and is a good second place with the number of apps it has. Android is slowly becoming more and more popular. This makes the plateform more atractive to develpers.
Now I have a question, how many apps are enough? What makes a phone a deal braker for people? Ok that was two questions. For most people I think they want a good Twitter app and Facebook app. As far as the phone it self gose the phone has to have a media player and it has a good interface for text messages. Oh and it should also work as a phone too.


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