Google Apps Part 1

Google started off as a little search "engine that could," that has now become a huge company that offers a lot more then just searching for information. Most people go to Google and don’t even know that there is more then just the "search" option. I feel it is about time that some of these gems become unhidden. Google has many services such as, Gmail, Google reader, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and many more. For now I’m just going to focus on the services that make things that used to be difficult, more efficient.
    I will start with Gmail since it is the birthday boy today (as I write this on April 1st). Gmail is Google’s e-mail service. But it is really more then that, it is an e-mail web app with a grate contact system and calender. If you use Outlook to view your e-mail, and you are looking for a free version then Gmail is the free online equivalent to Outlook. Unlike Outlook, Gmail is a lot simpler. Its also nice that once you have a Gmail address its like you have a golden ticket, because now you can use other things like Google Calender and Google Documents which for me makes things like Outlook and Word useless to me.
    Some people have a problem with things like Gmail because they are online. So if you don’t have an Internet connection you can’t get to your e-mail. Well, Google thought of that and there is a Google solution and it is Gears. Gears is a browser plug in which lets you access your Gmail offline.

Just install Gears and restart your browser, go to Gmail and it will start syncing. Now you have your Gmail anywhere you go.

Gmail is a Google service that is not very well known. For most people, Gmail is good enough for them and has more than what they need. It is nice to have more than not enough when you need something. If there is anything Gmail does not have, well just remember it’s free and you really cant complain. Part 2 will be up later in the week so stay tuned!


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