Pad or not to ipad

About a week ago, I was at my grandparents and they were watching Oprah on TV. Oprah was talking about her iPad and raving about how great it was and what not. My grandma asked me about it and I went on about it myself. I tried to give them use cases for the iPad. Then my grandma asked, “Would you like an iPad?” Normally this means, “Would you like us to buy you it?” It took me 2 minutes to reply and what I said was no. A lot went on in my head in that 2 minute delay between when she asked me. If I wanted one and me saying no. Below are the ideas that ran through my head that caused me to say no to an ipad.

I, myself, do not have an iPhone or any kind of smart phone but I feel my iPod Touch makes up for not having an iPhone. The iPod Touch can do almost anything the iPhone can do but make phone calls and take photos. For some people, not being able to take photos or videos with their device might be a problem, but for me I don’t care about doing that. The other thing they may not like is that you have to carry around two devices, a phone and an iPod Touch. Once again that does not normally bother me at all. The iPod Touch can only use WIFI, yet again that does not bother me at all.

Now that you know some of the ups and downs of it, here is why I didn’t want an iPad. At the time my grandparents asked me if I wanted an iPad, I had a first gen iPod Touch. The iPad is nice. The apps look better on it than an iPhone or iPod Touch. Watching movies or podcasts look better because it has a bigger screen. Reading on an iPad seems like it would be better on it then an iPhone or an iPod Touch. I think you get the point. Everything you might love about the iPhone or iPod Touch is better on an iPad cause of the bigger screen. There is one big problem with a bigger screen, and that is that it makes the device bigger. What I love about my iPod Touch is that I can use it and put it in my pocket. The ease of portability is what I love about the iPod Touch. You can’t shove an iPad in your pocket, unless you have big pockets.

I also thought about what I can’t do with my iPod Touch and what you can do with the iPad. The only thing I could think of was that I couldn’t use the iBook store. But then I remembered in June (I think) Apple is coming out with iPhone OS 4.0, which will add the iBook store to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Though I don’t really care about the iBook store. I don’t like to read books, I just can’t stand to sit in one place and read text for hours on end. So that does not internecine me to get an iPad, but the other things coming in iPhone OS 4.0 do. The problem being, I had a first gen iPod Touch and to get the full benefit of iPhone OS 4 you have to have a third gen iPod Touch. So would it not make more sense for me to get a third gen iPod Touch than a iPad that isn’t as portable, and I would have to wait longer to get the update?

That is what made me say no to the iPad, but I did say that I would like a new iPod Touch. Now I have a new iPod Touch that will work with the update coming this summer to the iPhone and iPod Touch. It felt like forever thinking of it all, but this is what went on it my head in those 2 minutes and what I decided made sense to myself. You may have different wants, or different situations that make an iPad more suitable for you then it was for me. I am happy with my new iPod Touch and will be for many years now.


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