My Top iPod Touch Apps

I recently got a new iPod Touch as I stated in my last post. When I plugged it in the new iPod it asked me if I wanted to restore from an old back. I said no, so that I could maybe save some room on it and get rid of what I don’t use. Well I also started thinking of what apps I use every day and well I thought I should share some of those apps with all of you.
The first app I cant live without is Tweet Deck for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It brings everything you love about the desktop app to the mobile space. Its great for if you have more then one account you need to keep track of. I love how I can make columns that are just my twitter lists, or columns that are saved searches in twitter. The only thing I can think of that bugs me about tweet deck for the iPod Touch is that when I turn it side ways when I go to make tweet. It doesn’t sense the screen is sideways and doesn’t go in to landscape mode, I have to hit a button for it to go into landscape mode. It’s really a minor problem but it dose bug me and I wish they would fix that. Over all Tweet Deck I feel is one of the best Twitter apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    I’m not done yet, there are more apps I use everyday. The Facebook app is another app that I feel I can’t live without. Being able to just take out my iPod and check my Facebook messages or IMing my friend/editor for this site Erick about things. The mobile Facebook app gives you access to your news feeds and all your friends so you can talk with them just like you would on your desktop. In my opinion, it works better then the regular site because you can’t get side tracked with things like Farmville. Since there is no flash on the iPhone and iPod Touch. There is a negative to this app and that is you can’t access Facebook messages offline. Now I know that dosen’t really sound like a problem you might even think its quite stupid. I find more and more of my important info is being sent to my Facebook messages than my normal e-mail. The built in Mail app for the iPod Touch catches my e-mail I get through my many e-mail addresses I have setup to the device. Why can’t I do that with my Facebook messages? It’s probably just me that wants this. If that’s not a problem for you and even if it is, you should still get the Facebook app for the iPod Touch if you live on Facebook like I do.

New York Times:
    If you want to get caught up on your daily news, the New York times app is great… for now. I’ll exsplan the "for now," a little latter. For me this is one of the first apps I look at when I wake up in the morning. I will admit I don’t always read it all but I scan it till I find a headline that catches my eye. I also love how it is customizable, because you can put shortcuts to the sections you want to look at. Now remember the New York Times is old media so their not in the business of giving away free news. With that said the app doesn’t give you the full articles but gives you almost everything. To make it simple you can read what it is about. The other problem is not a problem, yet. I’m sure it will be soon and that is, that the NY Times will be adding a subscription fee for the web site and I’m sure this app as well by next year. Until then enjoy the free news.

    If you are into Twitter and Facebook then you probably are into the whole social media thing. I’m sure its no news to you that Mashable is the place to get social media news. Mashable had a crappy iPhone app that I felt was, well, half baked. Now, they have come out with a new Mashable app that is fully baked. Everything that is on the Mashable web site can be right on your iPhone or iPod Touch for you to read in full. When you open it, it will check for latest stores. It will also put the stories to your device so you can read them latter ( I should note it dose not save images or videos). There is notifications so that if you want to know about stories as they are posted, you can have that turned on. Which leads in to my problem with the app. The notifications are nice but I wish I just could filter them. For example, I wish I could say only notify me of stories about Facebook and Twitter. Then, when a story about Twitter or Facebook is posted it would only alert me about that and not every little thing like this:

    For now I have turned off notifications. If you are really into social media or just looking for something to read on the bus, I would say get this app and you can’t go wrong.

Do you have information that you wish you had an easy way to keep secure and be with you when you need it? Well I did and this next app helped me out a lot. I had some information that I wanted to keep on my iPod awhile ago, but I needed to keep safe somehow. So I started looking up apps that could let me put a password or something on a note with important info on it. That’s when I saw LockBox. This app lets you put info like passwords and bank info into this app and you can put a 4 digit code on it. Now I know 4 digit codes are not really all that secure but in this case I felt some security was better then none. There are problems with this app, the fact that you can only do 4 digit codes is one. The other is you can’t copy and past info out of the app with out editing the info. I would just like it to do that and it would be perfect. But if that does not bother you then go get it on the app store.

Well these are just some of the apps I can’t live without. I have more, but I will save those for another day. I hope you enjoy theses apps everyday just as much as I do.


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