Google IO Day 1 Keynote

    The first day Google IO keynote was today which starts off the two day Google developer conference. There was not a hole lot to talk about that would interest most people, like I said its a developer conference. If you would like to read about everything that was talked about in the key note you can go to the Official Google Blog which has all the details there.

    Now there was two things that pop out in my mind when I think back to it that really just made me say "WOW", those were the Chrome Web Store and the Sports Illustrated HTML 5 app. Before HTML 5 and the web 2.0 we used mostly client apps that ran on our computers like Microsoft Office. To get office you would have to go to a store and buy it and maybe wile you were at the store you might see another software that you might want as well. Now you would go home and install it on your computer. Right now there is no system like that for web apps. The mobile market found how to fix that with mobile stores like the iTunes app store and neat less to say Google is taking a play out of Apples book and doing the same with HTML 5 apps. They are doing this by making the Chrome App Store. How they showed it off in the demos it looks like that page that you get in Chrome now that shows you the most resent pages you’ve ben to and the tabs you recently closed. Well take that out put icons and you got this Chrome desktop. There’s one icon that says Chrome App Store. When you click on it and it takes you to the app store it looks a lot like the Apple app store. You can buy and get apps with a quick click of the mouse and they are added to your home screen on Chrome in a flash. The coolest thing they showed was the games. They showed Plants VS Zombies and they also showed Lego Star wars, and it seemed to work grate. But this was just a demo so your mileage may vary.

    The other thing that was showen off was a HTML 5 app for Sports Illustrated. Which I really didn’t think I would even care about since I really don’t like any real sports. But I saw how magazines are going to change. There was a mix of photos text and video in this app. It all seemed practical too there was videos ware it was useful and made sense and not just any ware like you might think they would put it. They had vary good navigation tools as well ways to save video in the app so that you could read it later. What I really thought was cool was the fact you can recorgaize articles so you can put what you want to read at the front and the stuff maybe you don’t care about to the back. I my self may not care about reading SI but I do see how other company’s can do similar things to have a good magazine experience online.

    There was a lot more that was talked about today and from what they said there will be even more tomorrow. They even used the word surprise. Could this be a Chrome OS device announcement or maybe even a Android tablet I guess we will just have to wait and see tomorrow. In the the mean time you can go to the Google IO YouTube channel and watch the keynote if you want to do so by to


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