iPhone 4

Yesterday was the WWDC key note and alot was talked about one of things was saw about a month ago thanks to some tech blog. There were new apps that were talked about such as Netflicks for iPhone, Framville for iPhone, Guitar Hero for iPhone, and iMovie for iPhone. These were all nice anouncements but once Steve said iPhone 4 that was it. So what is new in iPhone 4 well let me tell you.
iPhone 4 has a new look to it. I could try and describe it but they say a pitcher is worth a thousand words so I’ll let the the photos talk for me.


You might be able to see form this pic that the iPhone 4 is thinner than other smart phones. Apple clams that the iPhone 4 is the thinnest Smart Phone in the world. The display on the iPhone has gotten an upgrade it is the same size, but it displays 326 pixels per inch. There calming that the screen is better than most OLED screens on phones. As you can probably see form the photo there is a front facing camera on the phone for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 chats which they are calling FaceTime. Steve Jobs did say that FaceTime will be opened up as an open standard today. I would think that would mean that 3rd party apps like Skype could use the front camera so you can do video Skype calls but who knows with Apple they might have some kind of restriction. I should also note that FaceTime calls can only be made on WIFI. The way Steve put it; it might be just a matter of time before you can do it over the cell phone network.

The iPhone for will be available on June 24th it will be in two colors black and white. AT&T will let you out of your contract for your current phone if your contract expires anytime in 2010 if you renew with a 2 year contract. iPhone OS 4 has a new name it is now iOS 4 and that too will available June 24th and it will be Free for all iPhone 3G and up users and it will be free for iPod Touch 2nd gen and up users.

My final thoughts on the iPhone 4 based off the keynote is if you didn’t get a 3G because there was nothing new well you made a good call I do think the iPhone 4 will be a grate upgrade for you. If you just had to have the 3GS well if you can get the iPhone 4 it seems to be a good upgrade all around.

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