There are so many location base games out there like 4 square which kind of started the whole location game movement. I find there are two problems with these games, or at least for me there are two problems with these games and that is you have to go places. I don’t go many places, maybe a friend’s house now and then but I just don’t like to go out. The other problem is they require a phone with GPS and I don’t have one. So what is someone like me to do… well I do like to watch TV and that is ware Miso comes in.

Miso is kind of like 4 Square in a way. Miso lets you tell everyone what you are watching on TV or what Net casts you are watching. There is an iPhone/ iPod Touch app to make it easy to check in to the TV shows you are watching.

Miso has many TV shows already in its data base so it is not hard to find what you are watching. But if it is not there you can add the show that you are watching. Like I said before there are badges that you can earn from watching TV shows.

There are also social things going on with Miso you can have friends or if you want to see if any of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers have it you can have Miso look for you. You can even plug Miso in to your Facebook and Twitter account so when you check in to a TV show it sends your check in to those accounts and your friends can see what you are watching. You also get more points for plugging Miso into those accounts so to get badges faster.

Now ok I know Miso is really a stupid thing and it really has little value but every now and then it is kind of cool to see what your friends are watching. It’s fun to do and if you want you can find me on Miso I’m samlikecoke on there. I do recommend this app. I should also note there is a web site gomiso.com . Check it out and join today.


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