Is the Mac Dead?

Last week Apple silently updated the Mac Mini. Giving it a unibody case and a HDMI port on it so it can be used with a TV, which kind of kills Steve Jobs hobby, the Apple TV. At WWDC there was nothing in the keynote about the Mac. This worries some people and it probably should. Steve could have said something about the Mac, but there was nothing. Does this mean that the Mac is dead?

I think it is. Now I don’t think that they are just going to stop making Macs, but I do think that they aren’t going to be updating the Macs unless they have to. Some updates might be putting faster CUPs and more RAM in their computers, but I don’t for see anything new coming to the Macs anytime soon. The Mac line is just going to sit and collect dust, I feel. They can’t really get rid of the Mac line up completely, because there would be riots in the streets. They may not care much about the Mac community, but I don’t foresee them just purposely pissing them off either.  I would say Mac has a good long life ahead of it, but it just might be a sad lonely one.

For many years, Steve Jobs has said that the PC is dead and that mobile computing was the future. Well, he was a little ahead of his time when he said that, but it does look like he was right. More and more we are seeing OEMs like HP, and Dell making phones and tablets. Why is that? It’s because they want something that is close enough, if not better, than an iPad type device. The PC will probably never go away but I do see a day where a PC or any type of desktop device is more of a business thing and things like the iPad and iPhone are what people use at home to surf the web and do home tasks. Let’s face it, for most people an iPad would be just enough for them if there was just a good way to print from it. You could replace a laptop or desktop computer with it. Unless you have special needs. Things like the Mac and OS X are and have always been too much for the normal person.  An iPad is just right.

So let’s recap. The Mac line up I feel, is dead when Apple does updates now to the Mac they’re silent updates or just nonevents. While all the focus is on mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad.  I would not replace my Desktop computer or laptop just yet with an iPad. It’s just not there yet because I still have needs that a desktop fulfills.



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