First Look at Windows Live Essentials 4 Part 2

Live Movie Make:

Windows Movie maker has been around in Windows since Windows XP and it never really changed much at all. Well with the last releases of Windows Live Essentials 3 Movie maker was finally added to the suit. They gave it a much needed facelift and made it easier to use. The problem was it came out latter then the rest of the suit. It was in beta for a long time, so it was not really integrated like the rest of the applications. Well in Live Essentials 4 they make Live Movie maker more integrated with Photo Gallery now. Movie maker is really a good slide show maker and good for making quick edits to YouTube videos before you upload them. I made a slide show of the photos I took a month ago as sample slide shows enjoy.


The sample slide show I made with movie maker.


Live Sync:

I think the last thing that has a big change to it is Windows Live sync. I’ve been using Sync to sync my photo between my laptop and my desktop computer for wile now. I’ve always found that it was a little difficult to do. You had to do everything on the Windows Live Sync site, and the site was vary clunky I thought. Well now it’s all in the app now you just click the icon and you get a nice simple interface just tell it what folder you want to sync and what computer you want to sync with and it just dose it. A few other things that have been added are you can now sync your IE 8 bookmarks between other computers and also you can sync Office documents. They even now add SkyDrive as a place you can sync your documents and photos to, the catch is they only give you 2 GB out of your 25 GB for your SkyDrive sync. This might be something they open up more someday. Despite this it is still worth using if you have files you need on all your computers.

These tools I wish they could just put this in with Windows like Apple dose with iLife, but sadly Microsoft cannot. For most people who buy new computers Windows Live Essentials 4 will come with their new computers since Microsoft has deals with HP, Dell and other. If you want it now go to and read the system requirements because there is no Windows XP support for the beta.


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