I Have The Site Back

As of today 3/14/11 I have back Mikes World of Tech but I’m going to do something’s different this time. When I originally got this site I had the idea that maybe I could use this site as a way to make a few bucks and write about something I love technology. I had a year off and nothing else to do and well I did make a few bucks just not enough for Google to cut me a check. I stopped working on this site because I started college and I just didn’t have time to write anymore. Well I still have classes I’m not done yet but I keep listening to TWIT and when they do their ad of Squarespace Leo always talks about controlling your personal brand online and that you should have your own space on the web. Yes its nice to have a Facebook page or a twitter account, but those aren’t really yours if Facebook goes out of business tomorrow now you no longer exists on the internet.you have no identity now. Well at least if you have your own website you have control over yourself on the web and if Squarespace goes out of busniss I can move my site to another server and keep going I’m not reliant on squarespace I have control. So what I’m getting at is this site is going to be a little bit more personal but there will be tech post still as well. So I hope everyone will like the changes that I will be making to the site. As always if you need anything you can e-mail me using the forum on the left column of the site.


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