The End is Near (The End of The Semester That is)

In a few weeks my second semester will be over and I cant say I’m all that happy about this. This whole semester I’ve been saying it has not been my semester and I have been right. I started with 4 classes and I ended up with 2 by the mid semester. 2 classes that I was failing and it never got much better. I wish I could blame something other then myself but that’s all I can blame is myself. I should have studied more and all that junk.

So what have I been up to instead of studying? Well its been a mixture of girls, video games, and friends. Well the girl one is mostly Kelly and Kimberly. Kelly being my ex GF of a week I think it was and Kimberly being a weird friendship thing. Video games I’ve been playing a lot of fable 3 and The Sims3. Friends well mostly my friend Kate. I’ve been hanging out with her a lot lately, like almost everyday. I think what its is, is after everything with Kelly I just wanted to be around a friend who else better then Kate since she is my best friend and the only friend I truly worried about losing. She’s also the only person I can think of that I don’t ever get tired of being around.

So really that is all that is going on with me lately. I take my finals in a 2 weeks and then I’m done till fall semester. I will be trying to get some type of tech post up sometime soon I hope and I also have been streaming little bit on look for that on my twitter stream.


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