Took A Walk

It was such a nice day here and yeah I spent most of it in side the house. At one point I had to go and do some things around town and get something for dinner at Wegmans. It was fun I used the my tacks app I got for my phone to see how far I walked. I walked about 1.72 Miles today. I took the long way to ware I had to go. I also took a pic wile I was walking downtown.

It just caught my eye today as I was walking downtown. Went to Ride aid after that and walked back downtown to get my dinner at Wegmans a sub which are amazing. When I got home I took the photo and edited it with Photoshop express on my cell and got this.

I liked how it came out I just played with the colors and used a filter to blur out the background of everything so the cars don’t show up as much. So that was my day I will probaly be in bed soon I didn’t sleep well last night I hope I sleep better tonight. I have to do stuff tomorrow like cut my grandparents grass. All my family will be at my grandparents house doing things out side for them. So being sleepy would not be a good idea.


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