Microsoft Buying Skype

Last night I saw a report form Mashable saying that Microsoft was considering buying Skype. I woke up this morning and looked at Facebook and a saw a official post from Skype on their blog that said they will sell Skype to Microsoft for $8.5 billon. This kind of came to a shock to me this morning. Not that Microsoft bought Skype but that they didn’t drag this out and say the rumors were not true. Though if Microsoft was offering me $8.5 Billon I wouldn’t be screwing around either.

The reaction I have seen at least on Facebook hasn’t been all that good. I have manly seen people seeing this is not a good thing for Skype. I mostly agree with these people. My main concern with Microsoft buying Skype is Microsoft is just too big. There are many stories of good ideas being killed cause it conflicts with something else that Microsoft already dose. In this case that could be Windows Live Messenger. My greatest fear right now is that Skype might just get meshed in with windows live messenger. I think this would bad thing for many people and business.

Now this could be a good thing for Microsoft. Skype is in a lot of different places more places then Windows Live Messenger is, and they could use this to get on other platforms. But I think they can do hundred and one different things but what will end up happening is most of these idea’s will get caught in the politics internally at Microsoft and we will only see a fraction of what Skype could be with Microsoft backing them.


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