Angry Birds

I was on twitter today and I saw a tweet form Cecily Kellogee on Twitter about Angry Birds coming to the Chrome Web App Store. I from what I see its been there for a few days now but I just found out about it today. I’m not too surprised that it is on the Chrome Store since Angry Birds is every ware. I’m just waiting for the day I can play Angry Birds in the shower… but that was probably way too much information.

Playing on computer feels a little weird. I know that there is a computer version for Mac and Windows already but I have not ever played it on a computer until now. But other than that it is the same Angry Birds know and love, with a few Chrome inspired levels. I have not seen these levels yet but I can’t wait to see them.

I do have one word of warning don’t play with a track pad I had to when I first played it and it was ok but it is way better with a mouse. I can only assume that if you have something like a desktop or laptop with a touch screen you will probably feel right at home with that. You can get Angry Birds on the Chrome Store or if you use Firefox you can go to and it will work just the same and I can only imagine that it will work in IE 9 too.


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