Change Your Facebook Password

I’m watching Security Now Episode 300 Which came out this week and one of the story’s they talked about seemed kind of disturbing. The story was Facebook Applications Accidentally Leaking Access to Third Parties. To get to the point there is a good chance that your Facebook apps might be leaking the permission that you give it. For example if you have an app that asks to post something on your wall well that app could let others wright on your wall too, completely on accident.

Symantec says that the problem has been in the API for Facebook apps since 2007. They are recommending that all Facebook users change their password. Changing your password will reset the apps so they will need to ask for permission again to do things. Facebook did fix the problem as to why changing the password fixes this problem.

Also I wanted add you might want to also go change your passwords to other things like your e-mail, other social networks you are a part of, and even your online banking password. These passwords are not compromised but if you are going to change one why not change them all. You might want to get something like Keepass or Lastpass which are good ways to have good passwords and not need to remember really long and hard ones. So go download Lastpass or Keepass so you can have nice strong passwords. I just thought I would pass this little bit of information along.


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