Sleepless Nights

Another night and I cant sleep, I suppose its cause I don’t do much in my days other then lay around and watch stuff or play games. …. Naa that cant be it so what could it be then. Could it be I haven’t seen my best friend in week? It could be I do miss seeing her but its nothing she could help she needed to find a job. Hmmm a job could that be keeping me up at night? Theirs not much I can do about the job situation I called and the woman I talked to said she was not going to be there this week and she would be scheduling interviews when she comes back next week, so I need to call back then. Could it be school? I finished the semester and well if I passed the two classes I’m worried about it will be a metrical. I don’t think that is it I had no problem sleeping when I was doing horrible in those classes and I knew it from the start, it just was not a good semester.

I really don’t know what is keeping me up at night I wish I could figure it out cause I’m tired of going to bed at 5 AM and then waking up at 1 PM. I wish I could remember  how to wake up at 9 AM or even 8 AM with out having to fight myself to the death. I don’t want to use something like Tylenol PM to make me go to sleep cause I don’t want my body to build an immunity to it. I guess I’ll know what it is that is keeping me up when I can sleep again.

Well in the mean time I took another pic. This time of the bleeding harts growing on the bush outside my house. Its I don’t think they are as good as that one I took downtown but I still like them.


This one right here is my favorite out of the two. I like how the water drops came out. The reason why I don’t really like these is just cause they look blurry. I think that happen cause it was raining when I took it and I used my cell phone camera again. But none the less they came out ok with a little Photoshop magic. Well its almost 2:30 so I guess I should at least try and go to sleep. Wish me luck.


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