Too Much COD?

Well just as a follow up after my post a from a few nights ago my best friend did come over. Though like I said that was not why I couldn’t sleep cause I didn’t sleep any better that night then I have in weeks. But we did have fun so that’s all that matters. So me and my friends like to play Call of Duty on Xbox live but to tell you the truth I hate Call of Duty. I only have it cause my friends like to play it and I want to be included when they play so I got it. Really I like halo a lot better, mostly cause its just point and shoot. Their isn’t any hiding around you just run and shoot the enemy, simple.

But since I have been done with school I have been playing lots of COD trying to get better so when I play with my friends im not the worst person playing and losing to me isn’t an insult. But I can only be at the bottom so long until you get tired of getting your ass kicked by 12 year olds on Xbox Live. Now I know there is just as many playing Halo Reach, but I can at least finish first sometimes in team slayer or even just normal slayer. Though when I originally got my Xbox I had no plans to play anything other then halo. I got an arcade because I wanted to stream shows to my Xbox form my computer, which is what I still use it for and now I use Netflix as well so I never really turn on my cable box anymore. I got a hard drive for my Xbox when Wal-Mart had 20 GB drives cheap.

I told you that so I could tell you about how it died the other day. Well it died for a little bit. I hooked my Xbox to the HD TV in the living the day before then the next day I brought it back in my room hooked it up and then turn it on. It then asked me if I wanted to update my Xbox so I said yes, then it told me that their was no place to put it. I went to the memory manger and it would no show my HDD. I turned off and on I removed the drive and put it back in and it just wouldn’t see it. Finally I took it out again and blew on the connectors like an old game cartridge and it turned back on the Xbox and it worked and no update. So Am I playing too much COD maybe but my best friend isn’t helping cause she wants to play with me too the next time she comes over which kind of surprised me. But more on that latter I guess if you want to play with me on Xbox Live my gamer tag is samlikecoke90 which I’m thinking of changing soon. See you all on the battle field. Oh and FYI Modern Warfare 3 is coming out at some point and GameStop out on grant Ave got more posters in so if want to pre order it now is the time and I guess you get a free poster.


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