FaceTime With A Friend

I’ve had a iPod Touch 4th gen for awhile now and I never have used FaceTime. When I first got my iPod I tried to call my friend Carol cause she was the only person I knew with a iPhone that could do FaceTime, but she was never near WIFI so I never got to do it and it just went to the back of my head. Until last night when I was talking to my friend Kimberly and she had a friend over that had a iPod Touch that could do FaceTime, so she called me. Its not like I have done a done a video chat before I have used Skype and even Stickam to do video chat. But when I used FaceTime it felt different then using Skype or Stickam. It felt more personal and more natural than other video chat programs. I hate to say it but it felt almost magical, I know that is more of a Apple term but they were right about that.

I think what is that makes FaceTime so much better then other video chat programs is that it works with mobile. You and the person you are talking to are not tide to your computer or laptop so you can move around and be comfortable like you might if you were really were hanging out with that person. I know that Stickam on iOS lets you stream from the iOS device but the people in the chat cant use there cam to talk back so its just a one way thing. Skype could at some point do this and maybe even bridge the gap so you can video chat with PC users and android users macs and anything else Skype works on.

Last night was a fun night talking to Kimberly on FaceTime and her friend. It just felt nice cause I have been talking to this girl for years we went back and froth on Myspace talking, then we moved on to talking on the phone and we know what each other looks like but just seeing each other move and seeing the facial expressions just meant more. I hope I get to FaceTime with her again soon.


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