How To Turn Off Facebook Facial Recognition

The other day our friends at Facebook turned on a new feature for all of us. When you upload a photo to Facebook it looks to see if their are other people in the photo that you might want to tag in the photo. Now you don’t have to tag your friends in photos yourself. Well I can see how some people might not want to be tagged automatically in other peoples photos. So here is how you turn it off so you are not tagged in other peoples photos automatically.

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook page and click the account tab and go down to privacy settings.


Step 2:

Once you are at the privacy settings page click customize settings.


Step 3:

Once you are the customize settings page go down to ware it says “Things Others Share” and click on the edit settings button for “Suggest photos of me to friends”.

Step 4:

When the prompted comes up just click disable and okay and you will have turned this privacy concern off.



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