WWDC Announcement: iOS 5

The other day was the start of WWDC and with that was the opening keynote.  Steve Jobs was there talking about three things OS X Loin (10.7), iOS 5, and iCloud. I’m not going to really talk much about Loin only because I don’t own a Mac but what I did see the next version looks cool. You can read up about the next version of OS X at apple.com

iOS 5:


iOS 5 looks to me like it will be a must have upgrade. Some of the new things in this update are wireless sync, iMessages, Android like notifications, and updates to the camera app and the photo app. I think the number one thing I saw from iOS 5 that I want now is the wireless sync so this means you no longer have to plug your iOS device into your computer to add things to your device. This also means when you buy a new iOS device you will no longer have to connect it to your computer to sync for the first so for people who want to use an iPad for their only computer they can now. Don’t worry about updates because in iOS 5 updates will be over the air.



iMessage is an iOS version of Black Barry Messenger (or as one of my friends call it Crack Barry Messenger), iMessanger will allow you to text or MMS people on other iOS devices over WIFI. So if you want to send someone a pic that you took on your iPhone to say an iPad you can just send a pic message to that person’s iPad. iMessage was a surprise to me a BBM style system I would never have imaged that or felt the need to have it, but when they showed it I saw some use for it.

New Notifications:


The last but not least what I think a lot of people have been waiting for a new and improved notification system. This was a much needed change in iOS the notifications as they are now are just annoying. Not to say they are not use full cause I switched from doing Facebook chat form the app to doing it in the windows live messenger app just so I could get notifications. But I have android phone so im use to this:

The screen shot is kind of bad but you get the idea the new notification system on iOS looks a lot like this. They even improved the way notifications look on the lock screen so it shows everything that went on wile the device was locked. Like I said before this was a must needed change almost as important as wireless sync.



If you want to know more about the update or see the keynote you see it all on apple.com.



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