Google Mobile Update

The other day Google updated Search I want just want to touch on the mobile update. As soon as you go to Google on your phone you will see the changes:

When you touch them they will do a search for restaurants, coffee places, bars, and other things around you. When you do one of these searches it will use your GPS in your phone or a location that you have put in. It will look much like this:


As you can see a map of the area comes up and as you scroll down the map does not go away, it stays at the top of the screen and when you go by a place that has a street view image or any image it will put that in the corner of the map so you can see what place is like. They also put a directions button that you can use and it will open up Maps on your phone and give you the directions to the place you want to go.

I like the update to the mobile site. I think for people who travel a lot the new places search will help people find the quick searches useful to find a bite to eat or to find something fun to do in a new city. They have many other searches that you can do quickly.  Here they are:


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