Log Me In for iOS

Ive been using Log Me In for a long time now to remote access my computers. I know there are better things like Go To My PC but they charge per computer to use that. Log Me In has a free version that dose what I need it to do effectively. Though I will admit for awhile I used Windows Live Mesh for awhile cause I felt it was a little bit more simpler to setup and all my computers were running Windows 7. But when I got my Mac I went back to Log Me In since Live Mesh didn’t work on OS X well the remote access part of it doesn’t work.

For a while the only way you could use Log Me In was threw a $30 app Log Me In ignition and you had to have a Log Me In Pro account. But last month they came out with a free version for mobile that works with the Log Me In free account. I’ve been using it almost everyday since I got it and for me it has come in use for all out laziness. But it has plenty of useful functions like getting school work done from your iPad or getting files from your home computer when your out and about.

The app it’s self if is pretty simple to use just log in with your user name and password clip_image002and all your computers that you have on your account will show up.

You can also send files to your iPad using log me in but I think it might be a Pro features clip_image004because I never could get it to work. But it is there.

The only real problem I have with this app is when you are remote accessing the computer they give you a on screen mouse and the buttons on it are a little too small. I end up hitting the right button when I mean to hit left or vice versa.

Other then that there really isn’t much wrong with this app and is a nice app to have for productivity and even if you don’t think it’s something you will use everyday you might clip_image006want to have just in case you ever for get something on your computer. Get something like drop box and you won’t have to worry about leavening that paper for school at home again.


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