Apple Wish List

Today Apple announced that their will be a WWDC in June and that tickets go on sale today. When I saw this when I woke up this morning sites were already trying to figure out what the logo could mean and blah blah blah. I started thinking about what I hope they would talk about or even announce. Though they don’t always announce hardware at WWDC but its fun to think what they could do. So I made a quick list of things I wish they would announce anytime really not just at WWDC.


A new MacPro is something we have been hearing about for months now and I hope they do it. They haven’t done any real changes to it since 2008. I think they silently made a few changes to it a year or two ago but thing major. What could they do to modernize the Pro.

I think lots of Pros would like to see Thunderbolt come to the mac pro. It would make moving GB’s and GB’s of data from cameras and external thunderbolt drives easyer and faster then it is with Firewire. A faster Processor, faster graphics cards, maybe even the ability to have 30 40 or 60 GBs of RAM. I don’t know why you would need that much but hell its a Mac Pro so why not. The option of having SSD drives a normal hard drive or a Fusion Drive might be nice. Though it would also be nice if they could also update OSX so you could buy your own SSD and a normal hard drive, then just check a box in the settings and OSX would make it a Fusion Drive on its own.

iOS 7:

iOS 7 is something we could vary likely see at WWDC maybe not the whole thing but maybe a few fetchers they might want to show off. As a way to say this is coming and a way to get some feed back that they then wont listen to cause they are Apple and they know whats best for us. I think we may not see it working at WWDC but it would be cool if they did side by side comparisons of iOS 6.1 and 7. Most of the rumors have said that iOS 7 will be more flat and skeuomorphism will be taken out of the OS. So it would be interesting to see maybe them but up a Pic of the notes app on OS 6.1 and it running on 7. Then show it on iPad as well.

OS 10.9:

Another thing I would like to hear about and are likely to hear about at WWDC is OS 10.9. Apple has said that they were going to do yearly major release of OSX and it’s been almost a year since mountain loin was announced. I don’t know really what they can do to make it any better but I’ve seen since mountain loin came out blogs rumoring Siri coming to OSX. I for one wouldn’t mind it, I use Siri just about every day. She sets my alarm at night and I tell what to remind me of for the next day. She doesn’t always get what I say right the first time but that’s ok no one or thing is perfect. The other thing is more iOS in our OSX that’s pretty much something we know what will happen. But will it be more iOS 6 or iOS 7 and have skeuomorphism taken out of OSX and have a flatter look or will it be behind.
That’s my wish list last two things are likely to be talked about but who knows if they will show anything off. As I said before WWDC tickets are on sale today.


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